Opel Rekord 2020 New

Opel Rekord 2000 (Photo: Jörg Kantel) Jörg Kantel Flickr

Opel Rekord 2020 New

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The Opel Rekord Series C is an executive car that was introduced in August 1966, by Opel as a replacement for the short-lived Opel Rekord Series B.It was slightly larger all round than its predecessor, from which it inherited most of its engines. It continued in production until replaced by the Opel Rekord Series D at the end of 1971.

Opel rekord 2020. At first the name was used in close relationship with the opel olympia name which pre dated the rekord but was also re instated in a separate model in 1967. Opels profit helped to offset gms losses in north america and to fund gms expansion into asia.